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I'm Mistress Amanda, also known as the - SODOMINATRIX! Why? Because nothing thrills me more than donning my TRUSTY STRAPON and ass fucking some proud male or sassy slut good and HARD! The strapon dildo is my femdom training tool of choice and that's why my Dominatrix friends and I have put togther this strapon femdom blog devoted to strap on FEMALE DOMINATION!

With pics, clips and hot erotic stories, so get comfortable, kick back and.....ENJOY!

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Another Volume Of Dominant Women Submissive Men

Mistress Femme, our favorite Dominatrix and erotic author is back with yet another installment in her femdom BDSM series "Dominant Women Submissive Men" and it's even HOTTER than the first one!

dominant women submissive me stories by Mistress Femme
Femdom BDSM
Explicit Sex Stories!

SOme of the stories incolve forced feminization and CBT (including some very explicit and painful cock sounding) as well as numerous instances of men getting pegged in the ass by dominant sluts and wives with strapon cocks - juts the ticket for our fans and readers!

Be warned - it's VERY explicit and might shock you - which is to say AWESOME!

Grab a copy now!


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Posted: Friday 14th December 2012, 6:45 PM

Dominant Women Submissive Men

Some good female pegging male action in this new eBook Dominant Women Submissive Men by Mistress Femme that you should check out - makes "Fifty Shades Of Gray" look like Harry Potter!

Mistress Tara

Posted: Friday 28th September 2012, 8:48 PM

Banged In The Butt By A Bitch

The other night I went out for a drink at the local pub only to find that most my mates had decided to call it a night, and I was left quaffing some brew with a few of the local skank's. I picked out one older slut of about 58 years old and after chatting her up for a while, retired to her nearby flat for a bit of rumpy pumpy. We started making out on the couch and I was rather surprised to see that her large fat tits were actually rather firm and that her huge dark nipples deliciously hard and inviting. In no time at all she had my briefs off and was running her tongue up and down the length of my Jolly Roger, cupping my balls and gently noodling at the tip.

Ready For Ass Banging Butt Fun

After she had brought me off to a thundering climax, she said she had to get something that would be right back, which I thought was just an excuse to politely spit the spunk she had just milked from my cock into the waste paper basket in the den. But much to my surprise when she came back out she was totally naked with a huge strapon rubber cock fastened to her loins and a jar of lubrication cream in her left hand. Of course I was not about to let this woman bugger me bum like some sissy male maid, and I just laughed at her thinking it must be some sort of joke.

Need Your Little Cock Scolded And Humiliated?
small penis humiliation phone sex Call 1-877-233-6366

She played off my comments and walked behind me as I sat on the couch unsuspecting, for the next thing I knew she had grabbed a small marble statue of Adonis and cracked me right over the head with it - sending me sprawling to the floor in a daze. While semi conscious and groggy, she lifted my bum into the air, slapped a the good daube of lubricant in my anus and without so much as a thank you, shoved her strap on cock balls deep in my ass!

The pain was incredible! If felt like I was being split in two from the back and as she grabbed my hair and started thrusting furiously, I seriously thought smoke was going to erupt from my chafed and painfully stretched anus. I still hadn't recovered from the blow to the head, but I did hear her shouting "take this cock you little shit, mater is going to teach you a lesson tonight!"

I'll Bang Your Butt And MORE!
femdom phone sex Call 1-888-623-9631

After about ten minutes of being violated by this crazed matron, I was able to gather enough of my wits to pull away and was surprised to hear her strapon slip out of my puckered anus with a loud pop! The next three minutes were like something out of a Benny Hill rerun as she chased me around the apartment whilst I gathered my clothes and tried to get dressed, and she doing her best to insert that infernal rubber cock of hers into my ass again! Finally getting my pants on I pushed her away and ran out the door, down the steps and out onto the street where I hailed a cabbie and had him take me home - where I spent the next three hours in the bathtub soaking my ass and trying to get my sphincter back down to the size of a dime.

Since that time I have vowed to stop drinking and picking up kinky older women, especially ones missing their teeth and having tattoos covering their arms from the wrist to shoulder, and I advise any other young men out there to do the same or at least make sure they keep their legs crossed tight when dealing with such women. Being banged in the butt by a bitch is no fun and unless you like feeling the sensation of having a strapon navigate your lower intestine, never go home with a strange older woman!

Buggered Bill
[But banged and world weary]

Strapon femdom story copyright MistressFemme.Com ALl Rights Reserved.

Posted: Thursday 23rd August 2012, 12:41 PM

Begging For A Pegging

I work in downtown Los Angeles as a secretary in a very prestigious law firm. The senior partner, Mr. Badarian, a bushy browed Armenian man, runs the office with an iron fist, and is the terror of the poor girls in the secretarial pool. He makes constant demands, always seems to find something wrong with their work, and even berates them on their appearance and physical attributes.

But not me.


Because unbeknownst to the other girls in the office, I am also a professional dominatrix and Mr. Badarian is a client.

We play a deliciously erotic little game of which the others in the office have no knowledge or even suspect. I watch him go about his day bellowing orders, shouting at the poor girls and generally being a complete asshole. And when I think he has crossed the line, I take him into his office, lock the door, and punish and humiliate him in various ways.

A Strapon For His Hairy Ass

This week I decided to take my strapon to work and give his hairy ass the pegging of a lifetime whenever I thought the time was right. And so it was last Wednesday morning. He came out of his office shouting and yelling at Sylvia, one of the new girls and a darling young Asian intern, that she had messed up the order of files in the case he was to present to clients later that afternoon. Now I had seen the files in question, and there was really nothing wrong with them. She had just put the summation page 3 pages too early, an easy fix that could be done in a second. But oh no, Mr. Badarian decided to make a big deal of it, and had reduced the poor girl to tears before I stepped in.

Walking up to him, I leaned in and whispered in his ear:

“All right you little bastard, you get your ass in that office right now and take down your pants!”

He gulped, nodded and obediently headed for his office. After a moment I followed him, having retrieved my briefcase containing the strap on.

Upon entering his office and locking the door behind me, I was greeted by the sight of his hairy bare ass bent over the desk, with his pants at his ankles as he obediently awaited my attention.

“So you like to terrify that poor little intern, do you? Well let's just see how bossy you are when your Mistress has a rubber cock balls deep in your tight little asshole!”

I quickly took the strapon out, stepped into the harness and cinched it up tight around my waist. Then grabbing a small tube of lubricant, I liberally greased the end of it before parking it squarely between his ass cheeks - pressing slightly against his clenching brown anus.

He Begs For Her Peg!

“Now I want to hear you beg for the peg, my little bitch!”

“Yes Mistress, please, please shame me with your girly cock!”

Smiling at his utter submission to my will, I plunged the 9 inch black rubber cock balls deep into his tight asshole. He grabbed the edge of the desk tightly and let out a low stifled groan as I began to thrust back and forth, aided by my hands on his hips pulling him towards me each time I slammed his ass.

“See how you like being treated like a piece of shit, you little fucking Armenian cock whore! I ought to invite all your secretaries in here to watch me bang your ass like a little sissy bitch. You would like that wouldn't you, bitch?”

“No Mistress, please–no!”

“Then I want you to promise me you will give all the girls out there a bonus this week, do you understand me, you little ass fucked boy whore?”

To drive home my point, I reached down between his legs, grabbed his testicles and squeezed them as hard as I could, making him arch his back and let out a scream. Releasing his balls, I grabbed his head by what remained of his hair and pulled him close.

“I said you're going to give them a bonus, right?”

“Yes, Mistress, yes yes yes… I swear!”

And that's how I spent a good 15 min. in his office, drilling his hairy ass and making sure the girls in the office pool got their money. What he didn't know, was that I was planning on revealing my true identity to the other girls and inviting them to gather at the keyhole and watch the next time I pegged his ass for being a bossy shit.

As for me, I didn't care whether not I got a bonus, as being one of my best clients, he already paid me a large sum of money to treat him like a little male slave pig.

And so I did!

Mistress Tara

Got A Little Cock Too? Let Me Humiliate You For It!
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Pegging story courtesy of Mistress Femme's Erotic Femdom Stories
All Rights Reserved.

Posted: Friday 13th July 2012, 1:05 AM

Take Your Strapon When Camping

Now, if you're into outdoors adventures and trips in the wild, why not Take Your Strapon When Camping and have some fun?

Any male you meet on the trail might get his ass cherry popped and learn some new tricks on how to deal with women - and maybe even MORE???


Read the story at the link and see if that sounds like the kind of camping trip YOU might enjoy!

Mistress Tara

Posted: Friday 29th June 2012, 2:19 PM

Mistress Of The Strapon

When a man needs a little bit of "correction" I always reach for the strapon first, well, actually I reach for the whip first, THEN the strapon!

See, a male needs to be whipped before he's sodomized in my dungeon, I just think it gets him in the mood for some ass raping and cornhole stretching by the Mistress, you know?

And if he screams TOO loud when I'm banging his prostate to mush?

I just have one of my big black slave males stick his cock in the slave's mouth and shut him up!

Works a charm!

Mistress Femme

Posted: Friday 22nd June 2012, 12:55 PM

We Shared His Ass

My gal pal came over for the evening and brought her boyfriend. He was nice enough, but after a few drinks we decided to get the strapon out and rape him a few times, hehe... yep, We Shared His Ass and used him good! Fun times and I told her to swing by again with her man so we can drill his butt some more!

(Love pegging boys)

Mommy Trains Adult Babies Too

Posted: Tuesday 10th April 2012, 12:31 PM

Pegged By The Mistress

This sissy maid was loafing around the house and not doing his chores, so he got Pegged By The Mistress and sent to bed early with a gaping asshole! Serves the little bitch right I say!

Mistress T.
(Up the bum it goes)

Posted: Monday 26th March 2012, 8:37 AM

Tired Of The Strapon

I admit buggering my husband with a strapon was a thrill for a while, but lately I've grown tired of pegging him.

SO - I took up with a big black bull of a lover and now get off watching HIM do my husband in the ass with those delicious ten inches of hot black cock!

Yep, I'm a cuckold wife who delights in humiliating my husband - just like ALL married women want to do!

("B" for bitch!)

Men Spanked Like Little Boys

Posted: Monday 12th March 2012, 1:15 PM

A Woman Who Loves Pegging Men

IF you're ever LUCKY enough to have your trousers lowered and ass cheeks spread by A Woman Who Loves Pegging Men you'll know why a rubber cock can be a girl's best friend - and your worst NIGHTMARE!

"Quit crying, you little bitch, it's not like you didn't KNOW what was going to happen when I strapped on this beautiful hunk of girlie dick!"

Yeah, baby, RIDE that boy!

Sodo Sara
(I make boys buck)

Female Domination Is The WAY!

Posted: Wednesday 22nd February 2012, 6:30 PM

Grampa Gets Pegged In The Ass

Not only does Grampa Gets Pegged In The Ass by a hot bitch with an absolutely HUGE strapon, he gets feminized into a sissy male maid and forced to prance about the place in his dress and granny bloomer panties, ha!

The old fart! That will teach him to be a pain in the ass to his poor wife!

Mistress G.
(I spear male rear)

World Rule By Dominant Mistresses

Posted: Monday 6th February 2012, 5:57 PM

Your Girlfriend Bought A Strapon

What happens to a man if Your Girlfriend Bought A Strapon, you ask?

Well, let's just say your mouth, asshole and pride are all about to get STRETCHED! LOL!

Seeing some guy's eyes go wide when I bring out my big black rubber cock (or as I call it "The male breaker") is something that NEVER fails to turn me on!

I think ALL women should keep a strapon around the house to "entertain" her male guests with, hehe...

Madame Cluade
(French tart and Mistress)

Shemales Don't Need A Strap On Cock!

Posted: Monday 23rd January 2012, 12:46 PM
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