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Make Your Man A Bitch

All hail the SoDominatrix!

That sounds pretty butch, huh?

Well it should! I'm in fine form having just wrapped up a week's worth of networking and meeting clients at the AVN (Adult Video News) porn convention in Vegas, and I was gratified to find SO many readers and devotees of my this site. Seems a good strapon fucking is something SO many men and women are looking for!

And why not? Feeling the erotic flush of being penetrated and ridden by a dominant woman with her awesome thrusting strapon is something one should thank the Gods for....and be ready to BEG for the pleasure!

I must of met a HUNDRED men who followed me about the convention floor asking for a private session and whispering promises of riches and presents if only they could be my sweet little bitch boy for the night...hehe, of course I just HAD to select a few for my evening pleasure, right?....and pay they did - both in money and with their tight clenching bungholes! I filled the halls of my expensive suite with their mewling wimpers and girl-like moans as I gave them the ass fucking of a life time.

Of course I had one or two wives enlist my aid and services in "correcting" their mis-behaving husbands with the aid of my favorite male training tool - the mighty strapon. LOL. I always find it amusing to mount some rich businessman's twitching ass as his wife sits and sips tea while I ride and feminize her husband like a bride on her wedding night....and I almost always end up having the wife lick my hot shaved pussy while he stands in the corner with a pair of pretty pink panties on to signify his new sissy bitch position in the household. She might be the new Dominant in her married life, but around me - ALL serve the Mistress!

And so it should be!

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Be good and keep those buns up - FOR ME!

Mistress Amanda

Posted: Sunday 22nd January 2006, 3:50 PM

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