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Female Domination Strapon Wife
  "Come in here, Herbert and shut the damn door!" Margret shouted as her husband scampered into the bedroom. He was used to being ordered about by his wife. She was a matronly type, with gray hair, large plump breasts and a perpetual sneer on her face. She stood there in a black leather corset, high heels and silk thigh-high stockings. But it was what she held in her hands that made his eyes bulge and ass clench - a big red rubber strapon!
"That's right, Herbert, tonight you're going to squeal like a little bitch on her wedding night! Now take down your pants and play with that pathetic little penis of yours while I find the vaseline" She commanded. Herbert blushed with shame as he lowered his pants and began to stroke his cock as his large wife rumaged about in the top drawer of her dresser. "Ah, here it is" She said as she held up a small jar "Now we'll have some fun. Get over here and help me fasten this on". He moved over to where his wife stood and helped her slip into the strapon's leather harness. She stroked the end of the red rubber cock. "Mmmm, this should get your little hole smoking" she sneered.
"Down on your knees, wimp and give me some head!" Herbert sank to his knees and took the end of the red strapon into his mouth. He closed his eyes and tried to drown out his wife's coarse taunts. "That's good, Herbie, it's like you've been sucking cock your whole life. I still can't understand what prompted me to marry such a pathetic example of manhood such as you?!" He could feel tears welling up in his eyes as she continued her barrage of humiliating insults. Finally she pulled the strapon from his mouth and grabbed him by the chin, forceing him to look her in the eyes. "Now bend over and spread that little ass for me, you sissy!"
Herbert did as he was commanded. He bent over and placed his head and shoulders on the bed, while reaching back with both hands and spreading his asscheeks before his glaring wife. She took a good dollop of lube from the vaseline jar and slathered the red rubber cock she wore with it. Then she took some more and smeared it around the opening of his anus. "There" she said "That should get us started". He clenched his eyes tightly shut, knowing what was coming next. She moved towards him and placed the head of the strapon at his asshole, and with a slight grunt slid it all the way in. "AHHHHH" he gasped. She smiled "Shut up, dear, if you're weren't such a disappointment in bed I wouldn't have to be the one who wears the cock!"
Margret began to pump the dildo in and out of his ass at an ever increasing rate, faster and faster heaving her hips forward with each deep stroke. Herbert moaned and gasped as the waves of shame and pleasure washed over his body. "I want you to jerk your tiny cock, Herbert, see if you can get it hard for mommy!" She laughed as she continued her merciless pounding. He felt for his now hard stiff cock and vigorously pumped it with his hand. He felt an incredible orgasm coming on as the strapon flew in and out of his ass "Oh, God...I..I...think I'm coming-" He gasped as he arched his back and let a tremendous spray of hot semen gush from his cock all over the bedspread beneath him.
Margret ceased her thrusting and withdrew the dildo from his ass. He felt his asshole return to it's original dimension. "Look at that mess!" She said "Now go get a towel and clean that up!" He moved off to the bathroom and grabbed a towel, then returned to find his wife holding up a pair of her panties. "Now slip into these and clean this bed up like a good little house maid, Herbert, I'm going to take a shower then go out with my girlfriends. Maybe we can find some REAL men". "Yes, dear" He wimpered softly as he took the pink panties and slipped them on. Margret went to the bathroom and took off the strapon and hung it on the door, but before she closed it, she winked at him and mouthed the words "I love you, baby". Herbert smiled and hummed to himself as he began his cleaning chores. It was nice being married to a strong strapon wife!


Poor boy, got his aching bunghole stretched right and proper by the missus!!


Lady Jane

Posted: Monday 10th July 2006, 10:58 AM

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