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She Fucked Her Stepdad With A Strapon

This is probably the craziest thing I ever heard, but my girlfriend once told me a Dominatrix she knew said she regularly fucked her stepdad in the ass with a strapon! Can you imagine?! I guess the guy used to molest her when she was young (which is probably why she now enjoys tormenting and sexually humiliating men) making her suck his cock and masturbate in front of him, etc. So when she got older she had a lesbian affair with a woman who introduced her to the joys of strapon fucking. She then hatched a plan for revenge...

She told her stepdad that she would go to the police and have him arrested for molestation, unless he agreed to one thing - yep, you guessed it, he had to let her fuck him in the ass with a strapon once a week! The guy worked for a rather large wall street firm and the thought of being busted as a kiddie freak scared the dude so much he agreed.

So once a week he had to come round her apartment, drop his trousers and bend over for a good hard strapon fucking from his own step daughter! Could it get any fucking weirder? I should add that by this time she was a successful Dominatrix and had some VERY powerful friends - like the kind that will break your legs if you don't pay up, or in this case, if her step dad tried to skip his weekly butt fucking! LOL! What a story!

This went on for a few years until she felt she had shamed and humiliated the guy enough - but not before she told him she had taped many of their little sessions and he now had to pay a healthy sum for her to keep them off the internet. Of course he paid up, after all, who would want their friends and co-workers to see them bent over with their ass in the air getting it straight up the stinky bunghole from a strapon Mistress - who happened to be their OWN step daughter?!!



Posted: Tuesday 10th January 2006, 8:55 PM

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